Embracing Simplicity in Motherhood: Morning Routine Edition

Learn why having a morning routine is important in motherhood.

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4 min readAug 31, 2022


By: Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA‍

Originally published here: Mommy Monitor’s Blog

When life feels chaotic and you feel the heaviness of everything going on, it can disrupt our routines or sometimes, for whatever reason, we just may not feel like doing them. I know how easy it is for our self care and wellness regimens to be abandoned whenever there is upheaval in our world. However, as I have shared in previous blogs, it is essential that we are in the best shape we can possibly be in — mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally; first for ourselves (because we deserve it) and then for others. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of giving back to ourselves, ESPECIALLY during these times. Having a simple morning routine is one way to do this.

Living our lives with passion, purpose, and to the fullest extent is our birthright and is something we should work towards everyday.‍ Personally, having a morning routine establishes the foundation for my day. My mornings are sacred, it is the quiet before the proverbial storm. Before my little ones arise, the phone calls start coming in, and my attention is needed in various other places. It will probably be the last time in several hours that I am able to get the peace and quiet that fuels me. I am able to give myself what I need to so that I can show up for my day ready to embrace it. Depending on how early I arise, I’m able to revel in the miracle that is Mother Nature and catch the sunrise while sipping my hot organic herbal tea.
Conversely, when I do not get this time in the morning, the energy of my day is different and I do not feel the same.

Here are some things to consider that will help you get started in creating your morning routine. Where to begin? ‍

1. Meet yourself where you’re at: Think about what your current routine consists of. Even if you don’t have a formal one that you consider a routine, you still do a series of things in the morning.

2. Ask yourself: how does my current routine make me feel? How would I like to feel? What can I do to bring that feeling to my routine?What needs to be in a morning routine?‍

3. A great question to reflect upon is: where is there room for simplicity? Sometimes, we overcomplicate things when really we need to simplify them. Life doesn’t have to be so difficult.‍

I used to think that my morning routine had to be packed with all the things that everyone else was doing; but then I realized that my morning routine should consist of whatever I needed to help me prepare for my day. Maybe your morning routine consists of opening your eyes, giving thanks, taking a moment to connect with your breath, and checking in with yourself to determine what your needs are for that day. Or maybe you quietly open the door to your children’s bedroom and admire their angelic faces as they sleep. ‍How much time do you need? ‍How much time you will need depends on your needs. If your children wake up at 7 am and you need an hour to yourself, wake up at 6 am. This means knowing how much sleep you need to feel rested and setting your bedtime based on that.‍‍

In closing, I’d like to leave you with a loving reminder to be gentle with yourself. If you’re not able to execute your morning routine the way that you have envisioned, don’t beat yourself up. Use it as an opportunity to get curious about what is going on. If there are things that you aren’t doing that you would like to be doing, ask yourself, why you want to do it. Is it because it’s the thing to do or because it will be beneficial to you. You may need to give yourself more time in the morning or swap another part of your morning routine out to make time for it. Don’t get caught up with tasks that you do so you can check it off your list; allow the time of the day that you decide is for yourself to be the consistent gift that you give to yourself.‍

With so much love, stay safe and be well mamas. ‍‍‍‍


Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA‍

Certified Transformational Coach | Wholesome Mind Health Coaching



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